What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying

"A client’s financial success is what really matters and nothing is impossible!" ~ Lisa Upshaw

High Quality Service:  Lisa gave us nothing but the best service ever. She was able to give us answers in a timely manner and the outcome was truly beyond expectation. We are so happy to have crossed paths with you and look forward to dealing with you in our next venture.  Highly recommended.  - Christine T.

Personable and Empathetic:  Upon initially meeting Lisa, I appreciated her personable manner and sympathy toward some of the personal challenges like being a young widow that had created financial barriers for me as a student. Lisa was able to meet my needs and within my deadline, as the next tuition payment was looming. She also took the time to explain things to me, and support me regarding the legalities of our arrangement. It was all deeply appreciated. - Linn P.
An Amazing Experience:  I found myself in a search of a new place to live, a business to run, enormous administration issues, not to mention a stress level through the roof. Needless to say, I needed help! I was connected to Lisa Upshaw. I was somewhat nervous as I don't draw an income from the business and had been informed this could be a challenge in getting a mortgage. My first interaction with Lisa gave me confidence things were going to work out fine. She explained the process and took me through it one step at a time. I spend many hours on the road so our communication was almost exclusively by email. It doesn't get any more convenient than that! When an issue arose, Lisa would present it to me with a suggestion on how to overcome it. Lisa went above and beyond in my opinion. Truly customer service focused. I can't say enough about this experience.  - Rob K.

Persistence Pays:  Lisa's sincere and friendly nature and persistence to search did find me the mortgage I needed to close the deal I had been praying for!!! I tried to find it on my own. Thank you, Lisa, as I couldn't have done this with you! -  Laura R.

Exceeding Expectations: You (Lisa) have far exceeded the expectations of me and my husband. I am someone that likes to be well informed and involved. I'm agreeable but not always the easiest client to deal with. I ask lots of questions and I expect fairly prompt responses, within reason. Working you has been frustration free. You were amazing at keepiing me in the loop and up to date throughout the process. I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat. - Joanna F.

Extremely Reassuring: I recently used Lisa's services in assisting my wife & I with a refinancing situation. As this is not something we do very often, having Lisa guide us through every step was extremely reassuring. Her expertise, attnetion to detail and her availability when needed was amazing and I would and will recommend her to anyone else looking for help in this way.
- John C.

Met and Exceeded My Expectation:  You are always the most understanding, caring person that finds solutions to meet my personal financial needs.  Lisa you always respond to every question and have walked me patiently through the process and thank you for your outstanding customer service.  - Kerryan
Above & Beyond:  You definitely went above and beyond.   From the first day I met you at Starbucks....I knew you were a very genuine, caring person.  You didn't know me from a hole in the ground...yet I felt that you were going to do everything possible to make this happen for me.  Saying thank you..does not even remotely express how grateful I am.   But that's all I have....  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  You will never understand how you have helped me and changed my life - Sheri

Message from Lisa:

There are many reasons why I enjoy helping people with their mortgage needs. Perhaps the most obvious is the deep satisfaction that comes from helping people to realize their dreams, as well as helping them accomplish financial success. Another reason is that mortgages are a real learning process. No two clients are the same, no two mortgages are the same and no two dreams are the same. Each has its own characteristics and challenges. However, it is particularly through overcoming the challenges that I learn the lessons that enable me to improve my quality of service.

It is this ongoing commitment to first-class service that enables me to confidently say that if I can't answer a specific mortgage question you have, I'm a phone call or email away from an expert in my professional network who can.

So if you have any mortgage related questions or concerns, or if you have any family, friends and neighbours that do, please contact me!

Honesty – Integrity – Care